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Protect Everything on Your Home Network

Start by protecting computers, cameras, baby monitors, thermostats, and other IoT devices by activating Armor via the Orbi or Nighthawk app. Once activated, Armor will automatically update and check for potential security threats on all the devices connected to your WiFi.


Protect Your Devices
Outside of the Home

Then, install Bitdefender Security on all your laptops and mobile devices for maximum protection when outside of your home network and on public WiFi.

An Armor subscription allows you to install Bitdefender Security on all your personal devices at no additional cost.

Learn how to install Bitdefender Security

Privacy from Anywhere

With Bitdefender VPN, you can stop worrying about privacy on the web. VPN protects your private online activities by encrypting all internet traffic.

Protect your sensitive banking information, passwords and downloads from hackers when you use a WiFi connection. Enjoy 200MB of free encrypted data traffic per day.

Learn more about Bitdefender VPN

Computer and Device Protection for the Entire Family

NETGEAR Armor protects all connected computers and mobile devices in your home.

In addition to personal phones and computers, an unlimited number of IoT devices such as smart thermostats, security cameras, doorbells, smart lighting and more, will all be covered.


The App

NETGEAR Armor® powered by Bitdefender™ comes pre-installed on your NETGEAR router or mesh system. Simply activate it via the Orbi or Nighthawk app with a single tap.

Armor automatically updates and helps protect not only computers, but also mobile phones, smart TVs, door locks, and security cameras from being hacked.

NETGEAR Armor constantly checks for potential threats 24/7 and notifies you immediately. You can easily block suspicious devices on your network, analyze your security score, review your protection level, and get tips to keep your devices and sensitive data safe and helps ensure your Internet activity remains private.

Activate Armor to keep you and your family more secure and enjoy greater peace of mind with NETGEAR Armor.

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Your Central Security Center

View and manage your protection details, recommendations, and threats within a single app.

View websites and URLs that have been blocked for suspicious activity, review your personal protection score, and see how Armor has been working hard for you, anytime.


Threat Analysis and Definitions

When a hacker manages to compromise an IoT device, they can get access to your private data. For example, a hacked baby monitor allows outsiders to spy on your children, exposed security cameras let hackers peek around your home, and unprotected printers can uncover your sensitive documents.

NETGEAR Armor regularly scans all your computers, phones, and IoT devices for potential security risks. Armor identifies vulnerabilities such as weak passwords, default credentials, known firmware bugs, and open ports.

See the full list of threats and definitions

Home WiFi Protection begins at your router

Stop internet attacks on your home network before they can happen.

NETGEAR Armor scans all your connected devices for network security flaws such as potential backdoors, weak or default passwords, and unsecured or poorly encrypted communication.

Safe browsing, which includes blocking all phishing or fraudulent sites, checks all outbound network traffic against our URL blocklist of unsafe or non-secure websites. So, no matter what page you land on, you know you'll be safe.

Receive instant alerts when unrecognized devices are blocked from joining your network.

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Increased Protection
for Personal Devices

Protect your Windows, macOS, iOS or Android devices even when you are not connected to your home network by installing Bitdefender Security on all devices.

Bitdefender Security is included with your NETGEAR Armor subscription:

  • - Award winning antivirus and anti-malware protection on all your devices

  • - VPN is a Virtual Private Network that secures your connection and keeps your browsing private, allowing for protection when you stream, browse or shop on your mobile devices

  • - Secure web browsing even outside of your home and on public WiFi

  • - Anti-theft technology to help you remotely locate, lock, wipe your data in the event of loss or theft

View list of Bitdefender Security features by platform
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With NETGEAR Armor, you’ll be able to stay on top of what’s happening on your home network. Any time malicious threats are detected or blocked, you’ll receive instant notifications, allowing you to take any necessary action.

Learn more

Power. Performance. Protection.

Activate NETGEAR Armor on one of our Orbi Mesh Systems for a whole home connectivity that combines superior WiFi, with multi-layer security and control.



"The armor system provides a level of security that I never had. I love the notifications when there is a spam or fraud attempt by some website. This is especially useful when you have kids using the internet."

Dante D

"I was previously with Norton but made the switch to Armor when I purchased our new router. Extremely happy with the outcome."


"I have used many products, for malware, virus, and the such, this product and its customer service is the best in years."

Jim DeLuccia

"Has worked great at filtering out security threats and fishy email."

AUS 10

"I love that I can relax and not worry our security."

Jeff Pendley

"We find Netgear Armor a secure system for our small church system, and fell secure having it! It notifies me each time someone logs onto our network and prevents virus from logging onto system."

Angela Price

Activation is Easy

To activate NETGEAR Armor on your router, simply use the Nighthawk or Orbi app and your NETGEAR account credentials. Then follow the installation steps in the quick video below.

Teaming up with

Bitdefender is known around the world as first-in-class security software recognized by independent labs, computer experts and happy customers, year after year.

NETGEAR has partnered with Bitdefender to bring this award-winning protection to your router, which protects all devices on your home network in a way that not achievable by only using device level protection.

Get to know Bitdefender
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Choose what the experts recommend:

  • Outstanding Security Product: AV- Comparatives 2021
  • TechRadar Editor's Choice - September 2020
  • Outstanding Scores in independent lab tests - PC Mag August 2016

The Best of Both Worlds

NETGEAR Armor powered by Bitdefender offers the one-stop Internet security solution built into your WiFI and a bundled bonus of award- winning protection for any device connected to a NETGEAR router. NETGEAR Armor integrates multiple cutting-edge internet security technologies from Bitdefender to predict, prevent, detect and remediate even the latest threats.

    • Vulnerability Assessment scans and identifies vulnerabilities on connected devices, password strength, and other potential security weaknesses.
    • Safe-Surfing, with integrated device management and alerts right in the NETGEAR Nighthawk or Orbi app, notifies users when new devices connect to the network.
    • Through a convenient, single subscription, households can connect and protect all Windows and macOS computers, as well as Android and iOS devices.

Full list of features by Platform

Threat Map

Bitdefender offers the highest level of protection and performance for over half a billion users connected to the largest security delivery infrastructure on the globe. Bitdefender’s infrastructure performs 25 billion queries per day and uses reflective models and advanced machine learning algorithms to extract malware patterns, ensuring real-time protection against threats. It detects, anticipates, and takes action to neutralize even the newest dangers anywhere in the world in as little as 3 seconds.

See the latest Threat Map here


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